Dancing the Megatropolis


Chapter 8: Stonington to Westerly



This is the shank’s mare leg of the journey! I walked just under 3 miles from this scenic gravel pullout by I-95 to the Westerly train station.

The Pawcatuck River was scenic and calm. From the bridge, I saw a great blue heron fly lazily away. I also think this is the first time (barring a visit to Four Corners long ago) that I’ve ever walked across a state line.


After crossing into Rhode Island, I stumbled across a microbrewery/microdistillery, and though they weren’t open, a helpful employee saw me checking out the wares through the window, and invited me in. I couldn’t taste, but I did pick up a cap and an interesting bottle of gin for later on.


I admired the public art at the station (especially enjoying this neat fish sculpture and participatory public xylophones!) and the station building itself, where I could watch an Acela zoom by at what felt like top speed:

The building has been converted into a gallery, and I had a little time to kill, so I wandered over to the charming, cute downtown. The first thing I spotted was a stunning indie bookstore and cafe, so of course I had to stop and check it out, cool down a little, and get some books for the road. Unfortunately, just over a month after I visited, the bookstore closed, which is a real shame. (I hope it wasn't because of its union drive.)


There’s a nice movie theater on the main drag, and I want to come back and spend some more time in Westerly!